Old parts of computer

By   October 2, 2012

Information about all Computer parts. computer parts are:

1. Monitor

2. C.P.U

3. Keyboard

4. Mouse


Monitors are of two types


1. Black & White monitors.

2. Colored monitors.

Monitor displays the instructions that we give to the computer. Drawings or pictures on the monitor are drawn with the help of tiny dots. These dots. are called pixels. Monitor also helps in getting information from the computer.



C.P.U stands for central processing unit. It is also of two types: 1. Vertical C.P.U. 2. Horizon tal C.P.U.

It Controls and executes all the functions of the computer. The main task of calculation, processing words, numbers etc. takes place in the C.P.U.

3.old  Keyboard:

old Keyboard

4. old Mouse: 

old computer Mouse


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