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Computer Software Overview

A computer system consists of hardware, the electronic devices capable of computing and manipulating information, and software that carries out predefined instructions to complete a given task. The combination of physical equipment (hardware) and logical instructions (software) gives power and versatility to the modern computing systems. Software Software is a collection of computer programs and… Continue reading »

Operating System – List of Proper Working Operating systems

Operating System: The short form of Operating system is OS. That is very useful to the computer and mobiles properly. OS support several kinds of applications of devices to maintain the device properly those applications are following. 1. Disk management 2. Device Management 3. Application Management 4. Memory Allocation 5. CPU Utilizations 6. Memory Storage… Continue reading »

Operating System Concepts

Overview: Process Management: Processes Threads CPU Scheduling Process Synchronization Deadlocks Memory Management: Main Memory Viral Memory Storage Management: File System Interface File System Implementation Mass Storage Structure I/O Systems Distributed Systems: Protection and Security => Special Purpose Systems Case Studies: Linux Window XP Operating System Concepts Hierarchy Diagram: Operating System concepts hierarchy diagram. This contains… Continue reading »