What is Web site?

Definition The collection of web pages on the World Wide Web that is accessed by its own Internet address is called a Web site. Thus, a website is a collection of related Web pages. Each Web site contains a home page and contains other additional pages. Each Web site is owned and updated by an individual,… Continue reading »

What is a Web Server?

A server is a computer that provides data to other computers. The entire structure of the Internet is based upon a client- server model. Web server helps to deliver web content that can be accessed through the Internet. The most common use of web servers is to host websites, as the internet is not only… Continue reading »

InterNet and World Wide Web Post.

Introduction to Internet. Today we live in a world of technology, where internet spins a web of interconnectivity around the globe. Through internet more than fifty million people in countries around the world have been connected. Internet was evolved in 1969, under the project called ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) to connect computers at… Continue reading »

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft windows stands for ‘Microsoft-Wide Interactive Network Development for Office Work Solution.’ Microsoft windows is a series of graphical interface operating system developed, marked and sold by Microsoft. It enables you to work with a wide variety of programs on your computer, often simultaneously. Windows: Windows is an operating system program that communicates your instructions… Continue reading »

Computer Software Overview

A computer system consists of hardware, the electronic devices capable of computing and manipulating information, and software that carries out predefined instructions to complete a given task. The combination of physical equipment (hardware) and logical instructions (software) gives power and versatility to the modern computing systems. Software Software is a collection of computer programs and… Continue reading »

Computer Memory Overview

The computer memory is one of the most important elements in a computer system. It stores data and instructions required during the processing of data and output results. Storage may be required for a limited period of time, instantly or for an extended period of time. Computer memory refers to the electronic holding place for… Continue reading »

Simple Math Quiz – Answer This Simple Question

Question: If 2+3=10 8+4=96 7+2=63 6+5=66 Then 9+5=??? Answers: First one : 2+3=10 Question logic: “Sum of both and multiple with fist one.” Its means 2*(2+3)=10 2*5=10 10=10 Second one : 8+4=96 Its means: 8*(8+4)+96 8*12+96 96=96 Third one : 7+2=63 Its means : 7*(7+2)=63 7*9=63 63=63 Forth one: 6+5=66 Its means: 6*(6+5)=66 6*11=66 66=66… Continue reading »