Most Useful Excel Sheet Shortcuts

By   April 15, 2018

Excel Keyboard Shortcuts – Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts for PC and Mac. Shortcuts of File, Ribbon, Formatting, Number Formatting, Borders, Formulas, Drag and Drop, Active Cell, General, Navigation, Extend Selection, Select Special, General Continued, Selection, Cell Edit Mode, Entering data, , Grid Operations, Pivot Tables, Dialog Boxes, Workbook and Others.

Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys:

Ctrl + 1 Open Format Dialogue Box.
Ctrl + Alt + V Open Paste Special Dialogue Box.
Alt + E + A + A Clear ALL.
Ctrl + 5 Strike Through.
F7 Spell Check.
Alt + H + O + R Rename Sheet Name.
Ctrl + 0 Hide Column.
Ctrl + 9 Hide Row.
Alt + O + C + A Adjust Column Width.
Alt + V + U Full Screen.
Ctrl + F1 Hide Ribbon.
Alt + T + A Auto Correct Options.
Ctrl + Shift + ~(Tilde) Format to General.
Shift + F11 Insert New Sheet.
Shift + ; Insert Today Date.
Shift + Ctrl + ; Insert Current Time.

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