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Google Home | Make Google Do It

Google Home and Google Home Mini smart speakers are set to launch in India.  Intellingence meets comfort. #MakeGoogleDoIt Play Music Need to change the playlist without moving from the couch? #MakeGoogleDoIt Cast Video Found a show to watch, but can’t find the remote? #MakeGoogleDoIt Control Smart Home While in bed, you realize the hall… Continue reading »

Technical and Important Abbreviations for General Knowledge

Find Abbreviations quiz questions and answers general knowledge GK. Common Abbreviations are extremely important for General Knowledge. COMPUTER – Common Oriented Machine. Particularly United and used under Technical and Educational Research. GOOGle – Global Organization of Oriented Group Language Of Earth. PAN – Permanent account number. PDF – Portable document format. WINDOW – Wide Interactive… Continue reading »

Wi-Fi(Wireless Fidelity)

What is Wi-Fi In networking technology the term wireless means connecting to a network without physical wire connection for data communication. A Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that delivers high speed Internet connections by connecting various electronic devices wirelessly. The term Wi-Fi was first coined in the year 1991 by NCR Corporation with AT… Continue reading »

Super Computers

SuperComputers Introduction: A Computer is an electronic device that can perform various tasks quickly but a SuperComputer is an electronic device that can perform large number of tasks million times quicker than a normal Computer. As the world is evolving to a technology world the people are creating miraculous products that can be helpful in… Continue reading »

Information about Internet

Internet Introduction Internet is a network of networks that connects millions of Computers to form a network and communicating with each other for sharing resources. You can get information, access data, communicate with others, shop, play games and many more by connecting your Computer through Internet. The World Wide Web or web is a platform… Continue reading »

Samsung Galaxy J3 8GB 4G is Specially Designed for Bike Riders

Description: Samsung Galaxy J3 (8GB) with S Bike mode NFC Sticker General Features, Performance, Display, Camera, Memory Storage, Data & Connectivity, Battery and Other Specification information. Samsung Galaxy J3 8GB 4G is Specially Designed for Bike Riders. Visit for Samsung Galaxy J3 with S Bike mode Keywords: Samsung Galaxy J3 (8GB) with S Bike mode NFC… Continue reading »

Computer Memory Management

Memory is part of the computer where programs and data are stored electronically. The data and programs are stored at two different levels: Main (internal) Memory Auxiliary (External) memory Main (internal) Memory: The different kinds of main memory are: RAM(Random Access Memory) ROM(Read Only Memory) Random Access Memory: The RAM of the computer is divided… Continue reading »