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Microsoft Windows

Microsoft windows stands for ‘Microsoft-Wide Interactive Network Development for Office Work Solution.’ Microsoft windows is a series of graphical interface operating system developed, marked and sold by Microsoft. It enables you to work with a wide variety of programs on your computer, often simultaneously. Windows: Windows is an operating system program that communicates your instructions… Continue reading »

Computer Software Overview

A computer system consists of hardware, the electronic devices capable of computing and manipulating information, and software that carries out predefined instructions to complete a given task. The combination of physical equipment (hardware) and logical instructions (software) gives power and versatility to the modern computing systems. Software Software is a collection of computer programs and… Continue reading »

Computer Memory Overview

The computer memory is one of the most important elements in a computer system. It stores data and instructions required during the processing of data and output results. Storage may be required for a limited period of time, instantly or for an extended period of time. Computer memory refers to the electronic holding place for… Continue reading »

Simple Math Quiz – Answer This Simple Question

Question: If 2+3=10 8+4=96 7+2=63 6+5=66 Then 9+5=??? Answers: First one : 2+3=10 Question logic: “Sum of both and multiple with fist one.” Its means 2*(2+3)=10 2*5=10 10=10 Second one : 8+4=96 Its means: 8*(8+4)+96 8*12+96 96=96 Third one : 7+2=63 Its means : 7*(7+2)=63 7*9=63 63=63 Forth one: 6+5=66 Its means: 6*(6+5)=66 6*11=66 66=66… Continue reading »

Simple Math Quiz Questions for Kids

Question:                                                             If 1+1=6 2+5=7 3+4=9 6+8=8 Then 7+9=? Answers: Here 2+5=7 & 3+4=9 Then 7+9 must be equal to sum of (2+5) & (3+4) as (2+5)=7… Continue reading »

Samsung Galaxy On Max(SM-G615FZKUINS)

Samsung Galaxy On Max General Features, Performance, Display, Camera, Memory Storage, Data & Connectivity, Battery and Other Specification information. Samsung Galaxy On Max General Specifications: Operating System Android Nougat 7 Processor& Speed Octa Core& 1.6 GHz RAM 4GB Primary Camera 13GB Secondary Camera 13GB Display Full HD Battery 3300 mAh 2 Networks 4G LTE Internal… Continue reading »

Vivo V5s Perfect Selfie (Crown Gold, 64 GB) (4 GB RAM)

Vivo V5s Perfect Selfie (Crown Gold, 64 GB)  (4 GB RAM)

Description: Vivo V5s Perfect Selfie General Features, Performance, Display, Front(Secondary)& Main(Primary) Camera Features, Memory Storage, Data & Connectivity, Battery and Other Specification information. Mobile Brand and Model: Vivo V5s Perfect Selfie and Model No.1713 General(OS, SIM): Android Marshmallow 6 OS, MediaTek MT6750 Processor Octa Core& Clock 1.5 GHz Speed and Dual(Micro& Nano) SIM. Display(Screen): IPS Display 5.5 inch… Continue reading »