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Excel Sheet Shortcuts Keys

Excel keyboard shortcuts – Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts for PC and Mac. Shortcuts of File, Ribbon, Drag and Drop, Active Cell, General, General Continued, Selection, Navigation, Extend Selection, Select Special, Cell Edit Mode, Entering data, Formatting, Number Formatting, Borders, Formulas, Grid Operations, Pivot Tables, Dialog Boxes, Workbook and Others. Visit for more: 222 Excel keyboard… Continue reading »

Wi-Fi(Wireless Fidelity)

What is Wi-Fi In networking technology the term wireless means connecting to a network without physical wire connection for data communication. A Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that delivers high speed Internet connections by connecting various electronic devices wirelessly. The term Wi-Fi was first coined in the year 1991 by NCR Corporation with AT… Continue reading »

Super Computers

SuperComputers Introduction: A Computer is an electronic device that can perform various tasks quickly but a SuperComputer is an electronic device that can perform large number of tasks million times quicker than a normal Computer. As the world is evolving to a technology world the people are creating miraculous products that can be helpful in… Continue reading »

Google Pixel Phone Madeby Google Features and Specifications

Google Pixel Phone Madeby Google Features, Performance, Display, Camera, Memory Storage, Data & Connectivity, Battery and Other Specification information. Google Pixel Phone Availble 2 sizes 5” or 5.5” Google Pixel Phone Switching your old phone all Contacts, photos, videos, Music, Texts, Calendar events and iMessages. Google Pixel Phone Hardwar Specs: Google Pixel Phone Goole Allo Features:  Google… Continue reading »

Information about Internet

Internet Introduction Internet is a network of networks that connects millions of Computers to form a network and communicating with each other for sharing resources. You can get information, access data, communicate with others, shop, play games and many more by connecting your Computer through Internet. The World Wide Web or web is a platform… Continue reading »