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Security and Symptoms of a Virus Attack your Computer

Symptoms of a Virus Attack: Viruses are triggered off in many ways. Some viruses are triggered by booting of the system while some are triggered by execution of an infected program. Some viruses are triggered off by a date, for example, Jerusalem-B virus waits for Friday the 13th. It deletes the programs files you execute… Continue reading »

Most Common Types of Computer Virus Infections

The Inter has dramatically transformed global communication making it easy for people around the world to exchange information. But, it simultaneously poses a very serious problem. Everyone can access the Internet, but not everyone has good intentions. Some people misuse the computer software programs, while others hack we understand the potential risks that our computer… Continue reading »

Computer Generations Classified into Five Types

Computers categorized into several types based on generations and based on size of computers. Both types of categories work well up to now. The major four types of Computer Generations. Some of the computers occupying large buildings those can connect huge number of computers. The major types of computers are: Super computer Mainframe Computer Minicomputer… Continue reading »

Intex Aqua M5 Price, Specifications, Features

Description: Intex Aqua M5 mobile released in online for Rs.5,299 with smart features, proper internal & external storage media, 8MP flash light rare and front camera due to the Android 4.4.2 Kitkat Operating system. Intex Aqua M5 mobile available with cost of Rs.5,299 in online no, smart mobile release with that cost up to now…. Continue reading »