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Technology- How to Work in Computer and List of Technologies

What Is Technology? Definition: Technology is a concept of knowledge to learn about the creating tools and processing of work with those tools from existing resources called as Technology. It contains wide range of programs and actions to complete the proper task based on user’s requirements. Technology work well based on processes and maintain several… Continue reading »

Cloud Computing – Benefits, Services and Deployment Models

What is cloud? Cloud is a simple memory part that offer computing techniques and services to the users over an Internet. Actually, the full name f this service is cloud computing that also referred as “Cloud”. It always works with on demand services to the users based on payment. If you compare with the services… Continue reading »

Operating System – List of Proper Working Operating systems

Operating System: The short form of Operating system is OS. That is very useful to the computer and mobiles properly. OS support several kinds of applications of devices to maintain the device properly those applications are following. 1. Disk management 2. Device Management 3. Application Management 4. Memory Allocation 5. CPU Utilizations 6. Memory Storage… Continue reading »

Operating System Concepts

Overview: Process Management: Processes Threads CPU Scheduling Process Synchronization Deadlocks Memory Management: Main Memory Viral Memory Storage Management: File System Interface File System Implementation Mass Storage Structure I/O Systems Distributed Systems: Protection and Security => Special Purpose Systems Case Studies: Linux Window XP Operating System Concepts Hierarchy Diagram: Operating System concepts hierarchy diagram. This contains… Continue reading »