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Sony Xperia Z Tablet (WiFi, 3G), Black Features and Technical Details

About It: Sony has invariably been at the forefront of product evolution in terms of style and technology. The Sony Xperia Z Tablet is a testament to only that. The seamless style and sleek flowing lines of the pill can enable it stand out from its competition. Tablets have invariably been a very important bridge between phones and full-fledged computers. recently but, the process power on the market on these devices makes them as powerful as computers. Sony Xperia Z… Continue reading »

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (White) GT-N900 Features and Technical Details

About It: Samsung has launched yet one more competitive smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note ΙΙΙ that may woo you with its loaded options and practicality. It offers an enormous 32 GB internal memory that’s expandable up to 64 GB that may store all the info that you just got to. The small SD card is certain to… Continue reading »