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Computer CD writer and DVD writer

CD writer CD writer is a device using which one can write on the Compact Disc (CD). Now a days it is being used in commercial places to store the big amount of data on the CD. A normal CD Rom can not be used to write on the CD but it used to read… Continue reading »

Floppy Drive and Hard Disk

Floppy Drives that device which is fixed in the system unit and in which the floppy disk is placed to read and write. The floppy drive is connected to the motherboard and when microprocessor receives command from user to read or write, it sends signal to the floppy drive and then the drive starts the work. When… Continue reading »

Information of Computer Motherboard

Motherboard is nick name of the main circuit board of the computer that resides in the system unit. Motherboard is made of a hard plastic on which metallic circuits are etched and various components are fixed on their proper places provided on the motherboard. All the main components are fixed on the motherboard and directly… Continue reading »

Old parts of computer

Information about all Computer parts. computer parts are: 1. Monitor 2. C.P.U 3. Keyboard 4. Mouse MONITOR Monitors are of two types 1. Black & White monitors. 2. Colored monitors. Monitor displays the instructions that we give to the computer. Drawings or pictures on the monitor are drawn with the help of tiny dots. These… Continue reading »