Computer Memory Overview

The computer memory is one of the most important elements in a computer system. It stores data and instructions required during the processing of data and output results. Storage may be required for a limited period of time, instantly or for an extended period of time. Computer memory refers to the electronic holding place for… Continue reading »

Simple Math Quiz – Answer This Simple Question

Question: If 2+3=10 8+4=96 7+2=63 6+5=66 Then 9+5=??? Answers: First one : 2+3=10 Question logic: “Sum of both and multiple with fist one.” Its means 2*(2+3)=10 2*5=10 10=10 Second one : 8+4=96 Its means: 8*(8+4)+96 8*12+96 96=96 Third one : 7+2=63 Its means : 7*(7+2)=63 7*9=63 63=63 Forth one: 6+5=66 Its means: 6*(6+5)=66 6*11=66 66=66… Continue reading »

Simple Math Quiz Questions for Kids

Question:                                                             If 1+1=6 2+5=7 3+4=9 6+8=8 Then 7+9=? Answers: Here 2+5=7 & 3+4=9 Then 7+9 must be equal to sum of (2+5) & (3+4) as (2+5)=7… Continue reading »

Samsung Galaxy On Max(SM-G615FZKUINS)

Samsung Galaxy On Max General Features, Performance, Display, Camera, Memory Storage, Data & Connectivity, Battery and Other Specification information. Samsung Galaxy On Max General Specifications: Operating System Android Nougat 7 Processor& Speed Octa Core& 1.6 GHz RAM 4GB Primary Camera 13GB Secondary Camera 13GB Display Full HD Battery 3300 mAh 2 Networks 4G LTE Internal… Continue reading »

Vivo V5s Perfect Selfie (Crown Gold, 64 GB) (4 GB RAM)

Vivo V5s Perfect Selfie (Crown Gold, 64 GB)  (4 GB RAM)

Description: Vivo V5s Perfect Selfie General Features, Performance, Display, Front(Secondary)& Main(Primary) Camera Features, Memory Storage, Data & Connectivity, Battery and Other Specification information. Mobile Brand and Model: Vivo V5s Perfect Selfie and Model No.1713 General(OS, SIM): Android Marshmallow 6 OS, MediaTek MT6750 Processor Octa Core& Clock 1.5 GHz Speed and Dual(Micro& Nano) SIM. Display(Screen): IPS Display 5.5 inch… Continue reading »

Computer Overview Questions and Answers

Computer overview questions and answers for all all banking exams, and competitive exams. Computer questions and answers for beginners, kids and school students. 1. Which is not an integral part of computer? A) CPU B) UPS C) Monitor D) Mouse E)None of these Answer: D) Mouse 2. On the motherboard the connection points for chips… Continue reading »

Computer Architecture

In computer science, computer architecture is a set of disciplines that describes the part of computer system and their relations. Computer architecture deals with the functional behaviour of a computer system as viewed by a programmer. It can also be described as the logical structure of the system unit that housed electronic components. The computer… Continue reading »